Summer Updates 2021

Over the 30 years Reckner has been in operation, we have developed a robust and highly regarded Healthcare Panel consisting of all types of healthcare professionals. Pharmaceutical and medical device companies, along with other market research firms looking for high-level respondents, regularly return to Reckner because of the care Reckner takes with our Panel. This translates to a Panel that in turn, takes its research projects seriously and provides thoughtful and attentive responses, study after study.

Here at Reckner we call our commitment to providing the highest level of service to our Panel Respondent First™.  This philosophy comes directly from our staff and leadership’s deep respect and appreciation for members of our Panel. We do our best to provide a smooth and seamless experience when you choose to participate in Reckner surveys. To this end, over the past few years, we have improved our payment system, which means more efficient and prompt payment for you. We work hard to assure your honoraria reach you in a timely manner. We have also improved the functioning of our Help Desk when you have questions or suggestions.

Increase your opportunities to be offered surveys

We know some of you wish you were offered more opportunities to participate in research. Here are some common reasons why you may not be receiving invitations or as many as you would like, and some things you can do to increase your chances.

  1. Whitelist: On your end, be sure you have whitelisted (safe senders list) and since that is the domain from which we send study invitations. We don’t want to end up caught in your spam filter.

  2. Update contact information: We use email, telephone, and occasionally snail mail to recruit for studies. If you have any changes to your email, phone number, or address, please send that along to

  3. If the telephone number you gave us is an office number, be sure those answering the phone know to pass a call from Reckner on to you. For online surveys, you will likely receive an email. For phone or in-person interviews, we will likely call you.

  4. Some specialties are more in demand than others. Please note that if there are no surveys available for your area of specialty, you will not be contacted. Be patient and eventually, you will receive an invitation.

If you have any feedback for us or ideas for blog articles, please email Thanks.