Why do Market Research?

Many healthcare professionals participate in various medical market research studies with topics including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and patient chart research. These studies can take the form of online surveys, telephone/video interviews, or in person interviews. In 2020 alone, Reckner Healthcare Surveys engaged with 23,500 unique respondents and paid out $8.5 million in honoraria.

So why do so many people participate? Here’s what we hear from our panelists. 

  • #1 It’s a great way to hear about new treatments before they are brought to market. You get an insider’s view.
  • #2 It’s rewarding to be able to contribute knowledge and expertise to the field as a whole. You can make a profound contribution to your field.
  • #3 Sometimes it’s a nice break in a day. Something different to focus on for a half-hour or hour.
  • #4 It’s a great way to earn some extra funds for special projects or trips.

Thanks to all of you who continue to work with us. We appreciate your participation in our Healthcare Panel.