Reckner’s Payment Process

Pictured is a healthcare professional with a debit card illustrating one of the ways you can get compensated for taking healthcare surveys.

We hope you find these FAQs about Reckner’s payment process helpful. If you have additional questions, please email

How will I know how much I would be paid if I completed a study?

When you are invited to participate in a study, the honoraria payment amount will be identified within each e-mail invitation. Honoraria will be paid to all who meet the criteria of a study and who fully complete the survey or interview.

What are the payment options currently offered?

For any honoraria that are less than $150, you will have two options:

  1. To receive a virtual Visa® Reward card
  2. To request a physical Visa® Reward card

For any honoraria that are $150 or more, you will have three options:

  1. To receive a virtual Visa® Reward card
  2. To request a physical Visa® Reward card
  3. To request a physical check to be sent to you

How long after completing a study will I receive payment?

Honoraria are usually paid within two to three weeks after a study is completed. Here at Reckner we take pride in prompt payment, as we sincerely appreciate the efforts of our Healthcare Panel of professionals.

Pictured is a calendar illustrating that Reckner Healthcare  Surveys pays promptly upon completion of studies.

How will I know when the payment is available?

You will receive an email from with the subject line: Your Reckner prepaid reward has arrived, stating your payment is available. You will then have the option to choose your payment method (detailed above) based on the payment amount.

Who do I contact if I have questions about payment?

For questions about the status of your payment, please email or call us. We will need your name, phone number, email address, and invitation reference number. A dedicated member of our services team will respond to your inquiry by phone or email within 48 hours if you don’t reach us at first.

Contact the service team
Phone: 866-486-6942

What if my question is specific to the Visa® Reward card?

You can also visit our Cardholder Services website. There is a link to a detailed FAQ on the bottom left of the page.

Thank you. We appreciate your participation in Reckner Healthcare Surveys.

Survey Says…

Reckner’s Healthcare Panel Members Share Enjoyment of Healthcare Market Research

Reckner conducts market research studies for healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical device companies. In order to have respondents at the ready when our clients present us with studies, we have assembled a Panel of Healthcare Professionals. Since 1991 when the company was founded, Reckner’s Healthcare Panel has grown to become one of the most trusted and esteemed in the industry. Physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, hospital and healthcare decision-makers have all voluntarily joined Reckner’s team, and as our clients attest, comprise one of the most valuable and preferred panels in the field of healthcare market research.

Jason Gamber, VP Reckner Healthcare, leads the client service and project management teams for our Qualitative and Quantitative departments.

We recently reached out to members of our panel with a survey of our own to find out how we were doing regarding delivery of surveys, communication, and awarding of honoraria. What we learned was both inspiring and humbling. Jason Gamber, our VP of Reckner Healthcare summed it up: “We understand the value of our panel’s time and we know that the honoraria we offer for participation are certainly important. What we were gratified to confirm as well is the degree to which panel members find the surveys informational and educational. A large number even called them ‘fun’.”

According to one survey respondent, a hospital administrator, Reckner surveys are a “good way to keep up with what’s going on in our areas of the market. You can get a great idea from a survey what direction the rest of the country is going.” Another said they are motivated to take surveys in order to have “input into field products and strategies for the future. I feel like I have something to contribute. (The extra money is nice too!)”

One emergency physician said they like to “help direct research, hopefully share my experiences in a meaningful way, point out what gaps there may be in education… I also found new options I wasn’t aware of.” And an oncologist shared how taking surveys “is a positive experience as it forces us to re-evaluate the way in which we approach important medical issues.”

Another somewhat unexpected common response was that the surveys are “fun”:  “Fun and rewarding,” “fun and interesting and you learn from them,” “fun and you can get your voice heard,” and “fun and I feel good about contributing.”

Gamber concluded, “We are so appreciative of those who continue to participate in our Healthcare Panel. We value our partnership and want to continue to rise to the top of your inbox when survey requests arrive there. For those of you who haven’t signed up yet to join our Healthcare Panel, please take a moment to visit our easy online form and join us. Come have fun with us and make a difference in your field.”